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These plastic conical anchors are intended for light These plastic conical anchors are intended for light duty anchoring applications and offer extra support for loads. Once installed they provide a flush clean appearance in drywall. The anchor's fins prevent the anchor from turning in … Standard Interpretations; Protection of employees from exposure to live electrical parts with plastic switch plates/receptacle cover and non-conductive screws . heree to Non-Ferrous Fastener Inc . Plastic fasteners made from Nylon 6/6 are inexpensive, in stock, and ready to ship from our warehouse in Chino, CA, USA. We accept most major credit cards and PayPal. Our standard items include Bolts, Nuts, Screws , Washers, Spacers, Threaded Rod and more!

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The screw holes I needed to fix are pretty small, relatively speaking, and the small tip end of the fastener work great. I could *immediately* tell the difference.