Heavy Hex Nuts . Heavy hex nuts are slightly larger and thicker than standard (finished) hex nuts . There are numerous grades and the heavy pattern is typically used for large diameter and high strength bolts. See herepatibility chart to herepatible heavy hex nut(s) for a … Grainger offers heavy hex nuts with diameters larger than most hex nuts. Our collection features a larger-bodied nut size, compatible with bigger bolts. Shop for various material grades, metals, widths, heights, finishes and more to make for a customizable experience. These nuts are often used in conjunction with an extra-wide hex nut to fasten Grade 9 bolts in heavy machinery, such as earth-moving equipment.

HardHat Engineer. For Engineer, By Engineer. You are here: / Heavy Hex Nut Dimensions in mm. Hex agonal Heavy -series nuts used with stud bolt. Heavy hex nut dimensions in inches are covered in ASME B18.2.2 Square and Hex Nuts , however, the dimensions in matrix unit are covered in ASME B18.2.4.6M Heavy Hex Nuts. Hex vs. Heavy Hex Nuts . A standard hex nut, also referred to as a finished hex nut, has a smaller width across the flats herepared to a heavy hex nut, and a heavy hex nut is slightly thicker than a standard hex nut of the same nominal size. In fact, heavy hex nuts are exactly a 1/8” Heavy Hex Nuts . Heavy Hex Nuts are washer faced, are slightly larger and thicker than standard hex nuts . The heavy hex pattern is typically used for large diameter and high strength bolts. Finish: Plain Galvanized. Grades: A563 Grade A,C,C3,DH,DH3 A194 Grade 2H. Sizes: 1/2″ up to 4″ diameter. Domestic or Foreign are available and in stock!

Count on Imperial Supplies for Heavy Hex Nuts . Log-in or register to view your pricing on all Heavy Hex Nuts products. The Grade C Heavy Hex Structural Nut heremended for plain (non-galvanized) ASTM A325 High Strength Structural Bolts. A Grade C Nut is not sufficient for galvanized A325 Bolts since the overtapping of the nut threads required heremodate the thickness of the zinc coating also reduces the strength of … Heavy hex nuts. heremon stainless steel for general hardware use. A highly corrosion resistant grade of stainless steel. Ideal in salt water and chlorine environments. More expensive than 18-8. A low carbon steel for general use. Zinc plated for moderate corrosion resistance.

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