You can select a single threaded rod or bulk order nuts and bolts. We carry hard-to-find structural bolts, machine screws and must-haves like wedge anchors, washers and rivets. Shop Grainger for the wood, metal, plastic or concrete fasteners you need. Flat washers are round outer diameter thin plates with a center hole punched to the size of the bolt or screw. Flat washers are used to distribute loads of threaded bolts, screws and nuts evenly as the fastener is tightened. Shop Standard Flat Washers . Flat Washers - Extra Thick. Extra thick flat washers thicker than standard flat washers . Fasteners and Hardware, We carry variety of types and sizes of Fasteners in Inch and Metric sizes. Anchors, Screws , Bolts, Nuts , Threaded Inserts,

Washers . Home Shop Inch Fasteners Washers . Bolts and Nuts has a selection of washers for varying industrial applications. The types of washers available here include flat washers , thick fender washers , and lock washers . Washers are used to evenly distribute loads of threaded bolts , screws and nuts as the fastener is tightened, preventing damage and pull through of the fastener . It also provides a flat and level surface for the nut , preventing it from later loosening or binding to the installation material. We offer large selections of wholesale bolts, nuts , screws , washers other fasteners online. Many items are available in a wide variety of finishes, grades, and features. Buy by the individual piece, package, or bulk quantity.

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